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Uploading files using FTP after unpacking the archive with the Extension

Unlike normal PHP files, ionCube-encoded files may need to be uploaded with your FTP program set to “binary” mode, not “ASCII” or “text” mode. You may need to manually override your FTP program’s settings while uploading to do this. The instructions for your FTP program should explain how to change the mode.

Check your hosting settings prior to buy and install the module with the automatic tool. Click here to download it.

Download CSV Price Pro import/export:

OpenCart support License Release Date Version File name Download
OpenCart 1.5.x.x Commercial Jan 24, 2019 csvprice_pro_oc1.zip Download
OpenCart 2.0.x.x – 2.2.x.x Commercial May 31, 2019 csvprice_pro_oc22.zip Download
OpenCart 2.3.x.x Commercial May 31, 2019 csvprice_pro_oc23.zip Download
OpenCart 3.0.x.x Commercial May 31, 2019 csvprice_pro_oc3.zip Download


How to upload files in FTP client in Binary mode:

To change the upload type in the FTP client “Filezilla” please check the below scereenshot.
FTP Binary mode - FileZilla

To change the upload type in FTP client “CUTEFTP” please follow the below screenshot. Click on “Tools” option on the top of your FTP client.Then click on “Global Option“. Click on “Transfer Type” option on the left of the options. Then select “Transfer method” to select the transfer type.Click on “OK” once you have selected the type
FTP Binary mode - CuteFTP

WinSCP maintains transfer mode as “binary” and preserves timestamps as a default setting. If you want to change them, you can do so from within the “Transfer” menu under “Preferences.”
FTP Binary mode - WinCP